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it was awesome, really. i missed you guys. it's great that the drunkenness and the silliness still wobble on - the present-day lack of combat boots, weedy mullets, and melodramatic lipstick notwithstanding. these days i suppose our attentions are turned more towards kids and codes than to hormones, minor rebellions and homework, but you both are still instantly recognizable to me as the awesomely cool daybats you both were. so thanks for being true, and thanks for the fun weekend!

a note: i can recall exactly how hung over i was when that picture was taken, and let me tell you, that hangover was a monster. and now, that hangover has made it to the interwebs.

and i agree with ted, that pic of you and maddie is HAWT. rowr!


you two are so young and fabulous! that photo is incredible!


I love it all; the memories, the pictures, the hairdos, the reconnecting! I had such a great time then and this most recent weekend. As always, it was just so easy to laugh and talk. But I have noticed a strange longing for dark lipstick, combat boots, and depeche mode, the cure, or the smiths.
When can we do it again? Ikea is calling me...
I have to add (and I may be mistaken) that I don't think we were actually drunk in those college pictures. Does that make it better or worse?



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