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I haven't seen that one, but when 95 splits into 91, and you chose 95 anyway (going north) the first billboard you see in for some basketball team. I assume a Connecticut one, who knows.
Anyway, the billboard says "Excitement in every seat!" in an oh-so-lovely hand scrawled typeface.
Whenever I see it, I swear it says, "excrement in every seat"
I don't giggle or chorlte, it's more like, "what the hell does that say?"
So yeah, New Haven, boner and poo billboards.


Actually, "excitement in every seat" calls to mind activities that could not be rightly called wholesome, even when you exclude entire scatalogical categories. Ahh, New Haven.



The poo billboard has been replace with something else. Now it's an ad for a casino.

No mention of poo in that one, just something about how much fun gambling can be if you believe hard enough.

So for those of you you planning a trip to the greater New Haven area to see it's billboard collection, well, bad news.

You can still see a hamburger boner though!

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